About Me

Hi, I'm Kelsey, the Entrepreneur behind Kelsey Sarah!

Born and raised a Brisvegas girl, I've alway been crazy about fashion and beauty ever since I can remember! At the ripe 'ole age of 12, I remember getting a little teased for wearing tinted moisturiser and coloured lip balm but that didn't stop me from loving makeup nonetheless (Heck! They hadn't seen anything yet!)
In Middle to High School, I recollect reading through Cosmopolitan, Dolly, Marie Claire, Vogue, in fact, any fashion or beauty mag I could get my hands on. I "oohed and ahhed" over the latest fashion and how beautifully and creatively, the models were styled. Their amazing makeup gained my applause and ignited my curiosity. The artistry of it all had my mind in overdrive!
It wasn't until early August 2013, a year after I left High School, that inspiration took hold and I was moved to create a blog on Tumblr, to write and share my researched and trialled tips on topics surrounding lifestyle, beauty, and fashion.
 Fast forward a few years later and here we are!
Following my heart, I have studied Diplomas in both Professional Fashion Styling in TV and Media, as well as a diploma in Specialist Makeup Services. In my free time, you can usually spot me sipping  on a caramel latte, spending time with friends and family in a favourite cafe in Brisbane.
I love, love, love freelancing as a Hair and Makeup Artist for special occasions (weddings, formals, and halloweens are great, fun contrasts in my line of work!) and, of course, fantastic photoshoots, that can see me on location on dreamy beaches, solemn churches or lush woodlands (examples of which can all be seen over at Kelsey Sarah Makeup Artist & Stylist).

My feelings are that all things fashion and beauty are a form of self-expression, a sneak peek at your distinct personality or an escape from the everyday. It can be a freeing, playful, exciting experience! Everyone is different, everyone is an individual - therein lies the fun of it all.

I hope that through my blog, I can inspire you and invite you to come along and join me on this journey.