101 Brush Cleaning Tips

If you're anything like me and, a makeup fanatic, then you probably own a lot of makeup brushes. This also probably means, that you seriously dread it when the time comes to deep clean your dirty brushes. Well, the cold hard truth is... you just gotta do it! Dirty brushes means ,that there is more of a chance for bacteria to fester (and make a snuggly home on them!) which also spells more breakouts,  clogged pores and extremely irritated skin( and who wants that?!)
Fun fact for you all, 61% of women who use makeup brushes clean them less than once a month or NOT AT ALL...EEEKK!! Yes, some ladies are unaware that they are supposed to clean their makeup brushes or some buy new ones or some just don't know how to clean them correctly. That's where I come in! Here's some of my best tips on how to clean your makeup brushes and, yes, it really is super easy! 

Ideally, you're supposed to wash your personal facial makeup brushes (foundation brush, powder brush, etc) daily, yep, DAILY! But I would be lying if I told you that I did that for myself, after all, who has that sort of time in the rush of a busy weekday schedule?! In more realistic terms, I do, however, try to deep clean my personal brushes at least once a week, sometimes over two weeks if I'm rushed off my feet and I'm being super honest.

Here are two very easy ways of cleaning!

You can use a spray brush cleaner that is quick drying for a quickie clean in the mornings after you finish applying your makeup. I used Jane Iredale Botanical Brush cleaner, it is very quick drying, smells lovely (a fresh sweet citrus smell) and does the job! This is great for a daily clean and getting rid of eyeshadow colours on the brush, which means you can reuse that same brush again quickly. 

All you do is, simply spritz twice on the brush and wipe away on a white paper towel until there is no product left on the brush. I like to use paper towels that have ridges on them, as I find that the bumps really help to remove the product residue. That's it! Bam! You're done.! Please note, I wouldn't recommend doing this as your complete cleaning routine, this is just good for a temporary clean. Deep cleaning and washing your brushes is still VERY important for your skin's health! 

Next up, is the deep clean! Dr. Bronner's Castile Liquid Soap is AMAZING for this! I believe they come in quite a few scents such as Peppermint, Rose and Cherry Blossom (I have Lavender). Castile Liquid soap is the most concentrated soap you can get( compared to other leading liquid soaps )and, it not only contains organic oils, but it is certified Fair Trade as well( and we all love that!). This soap is such a great versatile product, you can use it for your hair, your body and face, to hand wash dishes, mop floors and, even wash your pets!  Successful Makeup Artists love using this product to deeply cleanse their dirty, grimy brushes and it smells fabulous too!

I like to start washing my brushes on a Sunday afternoon or evening, just so they have all night to dry and are ready for use by Monday morning. All you need is a clean cup or jar, a spare towel, Castile Soap, warm water and of course, your dirty makeup brushes. 

I start off by:
  1. Adding two small squirts in a jar (you only need a tiny bit for this concentrated product!). 
  2. I dip my brush into the jar and wet it well with warm water (don't use hot water, this will weaken the glue in the handle, causing it to become loose and, always wash your brush in a downwards action, never upwards). 
  3. Swirl the brush in a circular motion on the palm of your hand.
  4. Rinse. Continue to do so until there is no more product left on the brush and all of the soap is removed (I like to squeeze the brush very gently to make sure it is completely removed). 
  5. Wipe the brush clean on a towel. The towel helps soaks up the water and aids in faster drying time.
  6. When finished, leave the brushes to dry flat on a towel or paper towel overnight.

Another great tip, is to use brush guards on your odd shaped/big fluffy brushes while they are drying. This will help the brushes to regain their original shape and make them look like new again!  

Jane Iredale Botanical Brush Cleaner $42AUD - Adore Beauty (I have personally purchased from Adore Beauty and I highly recommend them. Reasonable prices and they deliver very quickly!)
Dr Bronner's Lavender Pure Castile Liquid Soap $12.95 - Adore Beauty 
Brush Guards - Girlee Cosmetics  

Well, that is my brush cleaning tips for you! I hope this post makes you realize that it is so easy to clean your brushes and, really, takes no time at all (in total, it takes me about 15 minutes)! I hope you are all encouraged to treat yourselves well and clean your brushes more often! 

Do you have a cleaning hack? Please let me know in the comments! 

Till next time beauties, 


  1. I'm so slack at washing my brushes :( It just takes so long!! There's some great tips here and I'm definitely feeling motivated to go give all my brushes a deep clean!


    1. Thank you so much for reading, love!

  2. I need to get some of that Castille soap!!

    1. It is wonderful, you won't regret it!

  3. Is it just me or does anyone else find the sight of clean makeup brushes aesthetically pleasing?
    I really need to try some of these brush cleaners. I just use baby shampoo and sometimes it just doesn't cut it.

    Bec | Beauty With Bec

    1. Yesss Bec! So pleasing!!

      Elley xx

    2. Oh yes, it is very pleasing to look at! Castille soap is wonderful and smells amazing!

  4. I always set aside 45 minutes every sunday washing my brushes so they are ready for the week. Great review! I want to try the Dr Bronner product.

    Lubz || http://lubzsays.com

    1. You go girl! Such a good feeling when you're finished right?

  5. I'm with Bec! I find the sight of clean makeup brushes soooooo pleasing!

    I honestly have not cleaned my makeup brushes in the longest time and need to get my butt into gear already and do it. The only brush I wash super frequently is my Zoeva brow brush and that's because my pomade clumps up in it haha.

    Anywho, you've got me inspired and I'm off to clean my brushes!
    Well maybe not now, but first thing in the morning ;)

    Great post & loved the shots too - super cute!
    Elley xx

    1. Aw! I'm glad I have inspired you. Thank you for your lovely words, Elley! x

  6. I will definitely try these tips out! I am so lazy with washing brushes that I've started using my disposable sponges and fingers :P

    x Helen http://www.seaandstyle.com/blog/

  7. Great post! I find it so gross that most people don't even clean their brushes once a month. Eeeek! You should totally get a cleansing palette with the little bumps like the Real Techniques one. It has made my cleaning so much faster and easier and saves the palm of my hand with all that scrubbing.

    Emma | Rosy Disposition

    1. Thank you. Oh yes, I used to have a little egg makeup cleaner tool but I have lost it! Thanks for the suggestion, I will be sure to check it out! x

  8. I use the Castile soap to clean my brushes as well! It's such a great product for a deep clean!
    -Stephanie | www.nudelipdiaries.com

  9. I always dread cleaning my makeup brushes! I've never heard of the quick spray method before which sounds like such a good idea when you just need a temporary clean. I must admit I leave mine far too long sometimes even though I plan to do it every week!

    Ellie x


  10. Great tips! I try to deep clean mine once a week but sometimes I get lazy... I also use Dr Bronners - I really like it! I used to use the Daiso puff and sponge soap but found it to be a bit drying on the brush hairs after a while!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.


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