June 23, 2016

My Wardrobe Essentials 2016

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak" - Rachel Zoe

I love fashion, I love exploring different ways to wear a certain item and have it look different each time. I love it when with the right pair of heels, you can feel like you can take on the world! That's why I wanted to create a post about my wardrobe essentials that I can't live without and hopefully you'll gain some inspiration and seek out to find something that YOU can't live without!

1. The first item I want to talk about is basic t-shirts, in particular, V-Necks.

They can come in all sort of colours, black, white, nudes, grey, stripes and so on. I think a v-neck t-shirt paired with your favourite jeans, stylish sunnies, messy tousled hair, and a bright lipstick for a pop of colour can look effortlessly chic! It is a very handy staple to have on hand!

You can purchase v necks t-shirts from: 
- Ally Fashion
- Bonds
- Big W
- Kmart (purchased from here)
- Cotton On (I also purchased)
- Witchery 
- Susan's
- etc

2. Another "form" of shirt I want to talk about is a striped button down shirt. It is a very classy and elegant way to add flair/style to your outfit. So many celebrities and well-known fashion bloggers wear it, it also very comfortable to wear and easy to put together in a flash!

You can purchase striped button shirts from: 

- Ally Fashion (I purchased an old shirt from here)
- Sabo Skirt
- Beginning Boutique
- Miss Shop
- Bardot
- Any online store 
- etc

3. Jackets! We can't forget about a good leather jacket! I personally think leather jackets can ooze sexiness and confidence while giving your outfit a great style statement!

I love leather jackets with gold trims or silver trims, they can go with any outfit, with a simple tee and jeans, a little black dress, a maxi dress, the list is endless!

You can purchase leather jackets from:

- Myers 
- Just Jeans
- Cotton On
- Witchery
- Bardot
- Sussan 
- Forever New (I purchased from here)
- etc

4. A lace bralette is such a pretty and feminine touch to add to your outfit. I love wearing these when I'm wearing a low-cut shirt or dress, enough for the bralette to peek through, or if the shirt has a large gaping arm "hole", you can see a little bit on the sides. It is just so lovely to wear and a little bit cheeky.

You can purchase lace bralettes from: 

- Cotton On (where I purchased mine)
- Miss Shop 
- Myer 
- Supre 
- Beginning Boutique 
- etc

Source 'Song of Style'

5. Any friends or family of mine will know that I love wearing my boyfriend jeans all the time! They are so comfortable to wear for a casual occasion! You can easily dress it up with a pair of heels and a nice shirt or dress it down with (once again) a v-neck shirt or a button down shirt! There is honestly endless ways with what you can wear with it!

You can purchase boyfriend jeans from: 

- Ally Fashion
- Miss Shop / Myers
- Jag Australia (I purchased mine from Jags)
- Just Jeans 
- etc.  

6. Lastly but not least, a good pair of sunnies! I think smart looking sunglasses can really add interest to your outfit and bring it from drag to fab! Even with just a simple gym outfit, it can make you look more put "together". I have a lot of reflective sunglasses, such as Quay 'My Girl' sunnies, I think they are really cool to wear and I like the oversized shape to the sunglasses.

You can purchase Quay sunglasses from: 

- Quay Australia 
- The Ironic 
- Beginning Boutique
- Glue Store

I hope you enjoyed reading and taking a little sneak peek at my style and what I like to keep in my wardrobe for those days when I don't want to spend too much time on deciding an outfit! I think it is important to have a nice selection of basics on hand!
Do you have a staple item in your wardrobe that you can't live without? Comment below, I would love to know!

Till next time, loves!

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